Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strong to the Finish, Cuz We Like Our Spinach!

Wow. Started a draft of this post February 2nd.  I've had a rough go of it these past months. I hate to be too dramatic about it because I'm grateful it's not anything life threatening, but it has certainly effected my quality of life and my blog has been the least of it.

Cluster headaches--ever hear of them? I only had because about five years ago or so my husband had severe pain on his scalp and I did some internet searching at Mayo Clinic (my favorite site for symptom checking) and came up with cluster headache or shingles. he drove himself to the ER that night and indeed it was shingles. 

January 16 it began with migraine and since progressed to migraine with cluster headache diagnosis and since this is about food I won't go into it all, but I'm still not cluster free and it's now May 15. In that span of months I have hardly cooked. We did lots of take out which I've blogged about being scarce in this town. Had bouts where I could barely eat which was certain proof I was very much in pain and on lots of drugs. Will was working in Brattleboro for a bit and we were lucky to have some meals from the Co-Op there which was heavenly and made me wish like heck we had one here. 

Our winter CSA ran through March which meant we did have tons of spinach till nearly the end, so I was taking pics of ways we used it. Here's a whole bunch of pics I kept hoping to write posts about but the cluster demons interfered.
Our own pizza:  store bought dough (Hannaford's close to home from maine, MFF spinach, Local fresh mozzarella!)

Cooking up for a week's worth of meals & the freezer! Spinach & black bean enchiladas, spinach & feta quiche w/local eggs!
 Owen loves the Spinach turnovers at our local cafe.  I found a great recipe for Spinach Feta Pocket Pot Pies and he loved helping me make them.  This kid loves spinach. My kids both love the salad spinner; it's definitely their favorite thing to do in the kitchen.

pinching the crust together into pockets!

Headachewise, I am still suffering.  Really haven't had much of a break, though not as bad as those first winter months. I'm trying to avoid the headache trigger foods, which are some of my favorite foods, and some of my staples: soy, chocolate, yogurt, and, here's saddest of all--cheese.  I've really been stymied on what to cook, what to eat.

So as I look eagerly on the start up of the next CSA season, so excited to see Mighty Food Farm's Blog, I still must say I am hoping I can reintroduce glorious cheese into my diet and prove that is not a trigger because my life has been miserable with these headaches, and without you cheese, I am without joy. 

There's no embedding link, but remember the commercial from the 80s by the Dairy Board? "Cheese, glorious cheese?" Check it out here and sing along with me...