Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Childhood Favorite to the Rescue

When we were kids, my mom would make Cheeseburger Pie. It was a Bisquick Impossible Pie recipe. Ground beef & cheese poured into a pie pan. (Funny how now that I'm the mom I realize how effortless my mom made all the meals seem. My dad hated stuff like this so when we got it was a real treat for us!) The Bisquick makes it's own pseudo shell. Quiche without the fuss of having to make pie crust or have a store bought one in the house. In my house, me and the boys like quiche, but Kira doesn't.

Tonight I had an appointment at 5:00 and didn't want to come back an hour later to a husband who decides the solution is to pick up the phone and order pizza. A few weeks ago we had this SICK pile of pizza boxes in the garage due to a string of late night meetings and a kitchen painting project.
I hadn't been shopping or planned a menu this week--the importance of which will be the topic for another blog--so I was determined to rassle something up with what we had in the house.

Now I don't eat meat, so the hamburger pie was out. But I did remember that the Betty Crocker/Bisquick site has a TON of great recipes on it. So I made a broccoli cheese pie instead.  One of my favorite things about broccoli is it cooks up good in the microwave.  When my husband asked "what do I need to do about keeping dinner going" as I was grabbing my keys to run out the door, the answer was "take it out of the oven when the timer goes off." (Can I make it any easier for him???) 

This is a really low cost meal. You can get a lot of meals out of a box of Bisquick, and I use the reduced fat version. I use low fat milk, and 2% cheese so the calories and fat are reduced significantly. Bisquick makes great pancakes and shortcakes for strawberries too!

Of course no meal pleases all in this house. My daughter has been really proud of the newly allowed cooking her own scrambled eggs at the stove. So she whipped up some eggs--the first of the spring CSA (have you joined one yet?) from Mighty Food Farm. I don't think the picture shows what cool colors they were!

In my defense, since I call myself a good cook, I did make pan-seared scallops with sauteed spinach last night.

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  1. Funny, the pie ended up overcooked because I set the timer for the full 40 minutes instead of telling my husband to check it after 30-35 for doneness. It comes out pretty lousy if it's dry and overcooked. bummer.


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