Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Impromptu Birthday Celbration = Crazy Russian Girl's Cupcakes!

My friend Amanda hit the big 4-0h today! Found out at work that her husband was working, so she had no plans.  That was all I needed to hit the Crazy Russian Girl's Bakery again tonight. It's a dangerous thing to have so close by! Look at this box of goodies:   

I quickly made a huge pot of sauce--have a meeting next week I offered to cook for and can't think of when else I would make the sauce. We had the Eggplant Casserole from last night with a side of linguine, and it was even better the second day. Isn't that true with most Italian foods? I always find they taste phenomenal the next day! It was a super easy dinner.

Owen had linguine with butter, and his friend had tons of bread and butter and a frozen pizza pocket his mom brought. I'm always happy to see other parents with picky kids!

We cut the cupcakes into quarters so we could all have a taste of each of the four kinds. It's fun to break up the monotony of a work week by having friends to celebrate with!

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