Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cooking on a Hot Night

How can it be this hot in May?  94 degrees in Vermont.  I came home tonight and planned to make up some cold salad kind of meal. 

I made a great couscous, spinach, pine nuts & feta salad, not sure where I got the recipe from (Martha Stewart Living or Real Simple?), but it was a side dish to go with a flank steak. I thought it would make a good salad without the steak, and I was right, very tasty. Sliced garlic sauteed with the pine nuts, juice of a lemon, olive oil. Yum.

The second thing I made was a bust. It was a cold sesame noodle salad from This Can't Be Tofu cookbook. I just don't like soft tofu I guess. I also think as much as I want to like Soba noodles, I don't. Will liked it though, so it'll get eaten.  It needed soy sauce which I thought we had in the fridge, but we were out. The funny thing is it's closer and quicker to go down to the take out Chinese restaurant downtown than bother with the grocery store, so we ordered Owen his new favorite take out item since our Mother's Day dinner out, Wonton Soup. We got some veggie dumplings, and we grabbed enough soy sauce for the noodles I was making!

The two salads didn't really match, but I wanted to use the spinach, and hoped Kira would like the noodles...ha, I'm funny! She ended up with an english muffin.

Tonight while I was cooking and using the Mighty Food Farm spinach, I couldn't help but think about the documentary we watched in school today. My team-teacher who teaches social studies shows it during the unit on the Industrial Revolution as part of an overall child labor issue.  There are plenty of clips of child labor around the world, but he makes a point to show the kids our own country's shame as well.

As I watched this clip of the young people in Texas who were harvesting onions for $2 an hour, I was even more committed to the local food movement.  The fact that these children stand in the fields while the planes fly over spraying pesticides brought tears to my eyes.

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